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the “Uh-Oh” Moment During a Renovation

The purpose of building sheathing paper (such as Typar™, Tyvek™ or “Housewrap”) is to prevent drafts and the entry of wind-driven rain into the wall cavity. However even sheathing paper cannot protect against faulty workmanship!

We are currently in the finishing stages of one of our renovation projects in Calgary, and it is coming along beautifully. The initial scope of the project was to give the homeowner a new interior and exterior look. However, our poor homeowners had quite a surprise during the demolition phase of the project, when we discovered extensive wall rot. The parapet wall capping was installed incorrectly and the beveled cedar siding was installed backward. Backward siding means instead of shedding water out and away from your structure, it was tracking water in behind. Furthermore, the windows were installed without water guards. The end result – this poor house had rotten walls and windows, which required extensive repair. Although it added a few days to the project, we were able to rebuild the exterior walls, replace the required beams, install new windows properly and install a brand new exterior finish.

Shawcross Rot 3
Shawcross Rot 1
Shawcross Rot 4

The morale of the story is two-fold. Don’t trust a book, or in this case a house, by its cover; and work with a quality contractor who has a reputation of working with quality trades who stand behind their work. Faulty workmanship can have costly ramifications, so it’s worth a little bit more up-front to work with a partner you can trust.

As much as we hate finding this type of workmanship in our City, it serves a reminder of what we stand for. There is no greater feeling than being proud of the product you produce while enhancing and enriching our clients lives by building solutions which are safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Don’t Worry – It’s Looking a lot Better!

Shawcross In Progress After
Shawcross In Progress After 1

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