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We’ve been crafting beautiful, award-winning homes and renovations in Calgary for more than three decades. And we’re here to stay!

We’re not Calgary’s largest renovator, nor are we the smallest. We’re the right size to focus on your needs and deliver what we promise.

We are dedicated to the highest level of workmanship within each project, and we stand behind our work and provide a two-year warranty on the renovated aspects of your home.

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Meet with our experienced consultants and let’s do a little creative thinking with your wish list.


Our experienced estimation team affords our clients strong foresight and project planning, accurate estimates and reliable trades.

Architectural Design

Our custom 3D rendering technology allows you to see ideas brought to life in near real detail, long before construction starts.

Interior Design

Our talented interior designers will help you choose everything from paint colors to your floor coverings.

Construction Management

Rest easy knowing every detail of your home is coordinated and managed by our experience field team.

Two-Year Warranty

We stand behind our quality, which means you can enjoy your new home for years to come.

How We Work

  • Design

    We want to ensure we capture your renovation dream, which means we draw every detail. By the end of the design phase you have a realistic view of your homes potential.
  • Plan

    We want the renovation process to be as stress free as possible, which means we take the time with all the upfront planning and scheduling to ensure all materials and products are ready for your construction start date.
  • Build

    We want you to feel part of your renovation, so we provide you access to our own online project management tool. Stay engaged in your project with progress photos, schedule updates, and document sharing.

Clean and Safe

We prepare every home before the work starts and wrap all construction bins while the project progresses. Our team takes pride in ensuring both the exterior and interior of the home is kept tidy, as well as having it professionally cleaned during certain stages of construction.

3D Design for Every Project

Our designs are far more than just blueprints.

We draw every single one of our projects. Major renovations certainly require drawings in order to obtain permits and satisfy other requirements, but we take it a step further and we provide our clients with a full 3D view of all aspects of their renovation.

Our in-house design team knows that in order to truly visualize and get excited about your project, you need to see exactly how your sofa is going to look in your living room!

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Client Secured Fixed Pricing

We have all heard the stories; Mary and John enter a renovation agreement and by the end of the project have paid thousands upon thousands of dollars more! The contractor keeps saying “well this popped up, and you will need to pay more”.  This is why we offer guaranteed fixed price contracts. We understand nothing is more stressful than surprise costs! We take the time getting all those little details ‘just right’ in design, which in turn allows us to remove the guess work and ensure we are agreeing to a renovation cost you are comfortable with.

Fixed Pricing VS Cost Plus Pricing

Fixed Price

-Everything is included in your price
– Careful upfront planning in order to reduce changes on the fly
– Driven by detailed design drawings and construction specifications
– Safer for the Client
– Client is not affected by market fluctuations
– Purchasing and Sub trade relationship vital to contractors success
– Pricing or Planning Mistakes – Contractor Pays
– Schedule and timing are vital to contractor’s success
– No Kickbacks
– Encourages contractor to keep spending down
– Homeowner can choose involvement level in construction process
– All selection allowances are transparent
– No change order administration fees
– Warranties held and managed by your contractor

Cost Plus

-All project costs are paid by the client + management and supervisor fees
– Open ended specification
– Driven by construction, onsite decisions and selections
– Safer for the Contractor
– Client pays for any market fluctuation
– Purchasing not vital to contractor as price is paid no matter what
– Pricing or Planning Mistakes – Client Pays
– Schedule unimportant (timeline increases = increases overheads)
– Loyalty Kickbacks – contractor can pay less than invoiced.
– Excess spending increases contractor fees
– Homeowner needs to be very involved in construction process
– All costs and pricing are transparent
– Charge for change orders
– Warranties often held by client or persons who paid the bill

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