Edgemont Contemporary Twist Project


This homeowner really wanted us to provide a fun modern twist on their traditional 90’s styled home in Edgemont. We replaced most of the traditional aspects such as the raised panel cabinets, arches, angles & the corner pantry with flat cabinets, clean lines, funky two-tone architectural features and a massive island. The main challenge was tying in the existing traditional features of the home with the new modern look our client wished to achieve. Adding splashes of modern elements throughout the home allowed us to create a seamless transition between the two. By cladding the existing structural wall, carrying a bulkhead across and down into the new hood fan we were able to create a unique yet innovative design feature in the kitchen, and hide an element we couldn’t necessarily get rid off. We also had to work with the existing tile floor, and ensure this element fit within the new design.

The Challenge
The Solution
The Results

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ClientEdgemont Contemporary Twist