Redesigning Calgary

Are Traditional Touches Still In Style?

When It Looks This Good!

When our clients came to us with this outdated, cramped Kitchen, we knew we had to help. Their busy family life just didn’t function well in the space, nor did the kitchen do justice to the rest of this gorgeous Elbow River Valley Estate home. The goals were simple and in no relevant order;

  1. Modernize the kitchen in a very traditionally styled home.
  2. Create a space for a Mudroom off the Kitchen with locker storage.
  3. Create a more open and airy feel.
  4. Create a Kitchen that truly feels like the “hub” of the home.
  5. Increase the useable space to meet the family needs.
  6. Tie into the rest of the home seamlessly.

The last two goals are something we pride ourselves in. Creating a space that is more conducive to a family is one of the most rewarding parts of re-designing a home. We literally have to get into the head of our clients, and imagine your daily life and how you are going to use the space. We are asking you a plethora of questions, which may seem silly at the time, but they help us profile your life and create solutions which are conducive to your unique family. Furthermore, tieing a single room renovation into an existing home is a SKILL. Have you ever walked into a home and said “Oh Wow, have you re-done your Kitchen?” In our minds, that shouldn’t happen. There should be a seamless transition, where the newly renovated and not so new spaces intersect. This is an art, and finding the right designer to help you with this is imperative.

When the design team started drafting the renovation concept for this Elbow River Kitchen, they kept the aforementioned goals at the forefront of their mind. The final design involved removing a staircase which was leading directly through the area between the kitchen and dining room, which allowed us to create a better flow between the spaces while also allowing for the additional space we needed to incorporate a mudroom/laundry room off the Kitchen. This family needed lots of storage for their family, so custom cabinetry designed in a locker format in the mudroom provided this for them. We also removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen, and re-positioned the powder room in order to further open up the space, and give this home the grand kitchen it was craving. Lastly we created a cladded arch way between the dining and kitchen area to maintain the traditional feel of the home.

Some of my favorite features of this renovation are the built in hutch (storage in mind), Built-in Espresso Center (mom needs her Java), the Custom Built in Hood Fan (Drool-Worthy), and the tile detail showcased behind the range. The traditional touches which integrate this renovation into the traditional style of the existing home are the furniture style toe kicks, decorative custom hood fan, crown mouldings, cladded round archway, framed mullioned doors with antique glass, paneled appliances, arched window and solid flat panel cabinet doors with stepped moldings. When traditional touches look this good – how can you go wrong!




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