Redesigning Calgary

1990’s Home Gets A Contemporary New Look

As a design driven company it is fantastic to have clients that like to dream as big as we do. When our Architectural Designer, Mikko met the Ling’s it was clear that they wanted to accomplish a fresh, modern/contemporary look in their traditional 90’s home.Clean cut lines and funky details were some of the aspects that the clients were dreaming for. Things such as the corner pantry and oddly shaped island were the big no-no’s.

It is easy to just walk into an existing house and say “Yeah, we can do that no problem!” but this is unrealistic. When it comes to renovations there are a lot of fixed points you have to work around. For example, the Ling Residence had a structural wall supporting the cat-walk above, right in the middle of the kitchen. Since we could not remove this wall we used some creative thinking and decided to make it a feature. Because the existing cooktop was directly across from the loadbearing wall, we thought we would unify the two and bring them together as one. The structural wall was clad with a melamine Tigerwood product which wrapped across a 6” bulkhead and carried back down to the hood fan. This simple idea created a modern yet elegant feel in the kitchen.

Using the same Tigerwood material, we framed out the larger kitchen cabinets as well as certain areas of the living room to bond the spaces together and create a cohesive look throughout the home. Overall, we were happy with the finished product, but not as happy as our clients! The construction of this project was completed this past fall…. Stay tuned for the stunning “After Photos”




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